Accura Industries LLC is a manufacturer of paper cups that started operations in May of 2021 based in Dubai. Through our state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and our dedicated team of technical experts, we are currently catering to distributors, traders, institutional clients as well as private labels.

An essential factor to our success is our ability to promptly respond and adapt to customer needs. We create value for our buyers through our exceptional quality products as well as by meeting their specific preferences through customization.



The production complex of our company was designed and built according to our specifications and in accordance with the requirements of international standards for the production of food packaging.Across an area of over 10 000 sqm. There is the location of warehouses, shops and office space.


We are taking all possible precautions against COVID-19 at our production line. Workers are equipped with gloves and masks. Strict medical examination before shift, regular desinfection. You can be assured, that our products are safely to use.


Deliver to our partners a powerful packaging experience across channels by creating modernistic designs using the latest technology that are high on quality, create minimal environmental impact and bring them maximum profitability.